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Debt Collection in Australia

Updated on Wednesday 01st September 2021

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Debt-Collection-in-Australia.jpgSmall, medium or large companies, plus sole traders might be in the position of asking for support in collecting debts in Australia. In most cases, a debt collection agency performs the necessary steps for recovering the money in your company avoiding procedures that might prolong. Our company formation agents in Australia can provide you with information about how debt collection is made, with complete support offered by our local lawyers.

How do you get in touch with the debtor?

The communication is the key for a proper recovery of the debts in Australia, and a debt collection agent will initiate the amicable procedure in this sense by contacting the company and following these steps:
  • the debtor is informed about the current payments he/she needs to take care of;
  • details about legal aspects if the payments are not respected in time can be offered or reminded;
  • new payment terms and arrangements can be established between the parties involved;
  • if an alternative payment is available this method can be proposed.
We invite you to address to our specialists in company formation in Australia if you are a foreign investor looking for debt recovery in this country. Our team will act only with compliance to the Australian laws regarding the debt collection.

Recovering the debts through the courts in Australia


The debt collection in Australia can be recovered through the procedures made in the court of law in this country. The procedural rules and the territory law are at the base of the debt recovery procedures in Australia. It is good to know that the reporssession of the securities and/or asstes might be part of the debt collection in Australia. For more details on this subject, as well on the procedure on how to open bank account online in Australia, you can refer to our specialists.  
The collection of debts in Australia can be dealt in the courts of law if the amicable procedures did not outcome as expected. Feel free to contact our team of company incorporation agents in Australia and find out details about the debt collection and about how you can register a company in Australia.

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